Pittsburgh colleges forced to change with the times, welcome transgender students.



On transgender student Cris Wildman’s emails, mail, and student ID at Duquesne University, the name on display is the female name assigned at birth. However, when trans student Heather Leasure signs up for a room at Point Park University, she can room with other women despite her state records identifying her as a male.

In 2016, a year filled with controversial legislation concerning trans rights, colleges in Pittsburgh are tasked with creating a welcoming atmosphere for transgender student.

“Overall, it’s a climate that is really rapidly improving,” said Peter Crouch, describing his own college, the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus. Crouch is transgender and the president of Pitt’s LGBT club, called the Rainbow Alliance.

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Progressivism is on the Rise in Superhero Comics

Not only does Steve Orlando’s Midnighter comic star a gay man, it tells blunt, sex-positive stories about that character. The main cast of characters in the upcoming main Avengers comic All-New, All-Different Avengers has only one white dude.

While there is still a lot of work on the road to a utopia of complete social justice, there is a trend of progressivism in some of today’s superhero comics that is impossible to ignore.

“There’s certainly a long way to go, but [the comics industry] is moving in the right direction,” said Orlando via phone interview on Oct. 23.

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Interview: Justin Jordan and his Boom! Studios Comics

An old, shady NSA agent creeps in on a young, adventurous and curious woman one night, asking her if she wants to help keep the biggest conspiracies in the world a secret. Elsewhere, a man who hasn’t slept in a decade recruits an ex-cop to solve a psychedelic murder mystery.

Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.
Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.

These universes can be found in Deep State and John Flood, two BOOM! Studios-published comics from Pennsylvania-based writer Justin Jordan, with respective art from Ariela Kristantina and Jorge Coelho.

“[Boom!] has been a good working relationship,” said Jordan via Skype interview. “The two books I’ve done for them so far are exactly what I wanted.”

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