Pittsburgh colleges forced to change with the times, welcome transgender students.



On transgender student Cris Wildman’s emails, mail, and student ID at Duquesne University, the name on display is the female name assigned at birth. However, when trans student Heather Leasure signs up for a room at Point Park University, she can room with other women despite her state records identifying her as a male.

In 2016, a year filled with controversial legislation concerning trans rights, colleges in Pittsburgh are tasked with creating a welcoming atmosphere for transgender student.

“Overall, it’s a climate that is really rapidly improving,” said Peter Crouch, describing his own college, the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus. Crouch is transgender and the president of Pitt’s LGBT club, called the Rainbow Alliance.

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Conversion therapy ban introduced

Pittsburgh City Councilmen Dan Gilman and Bruce Kraus crafted a bill that would ban conversion therapy, a harmful practice implemented to change sexual orientation and gender identity for minors in Pittsburgh.

“It’s something I’ve been looking at since I took office three years ago,” Gilman said.

The bill was introduced by the councilmen on Nov. 29. Gilman and Kraus expect the bill to pass; preliminary voting is Wednesday, Gilman said.

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Freshman splits time between company and school

Brandishing a high-quality camera in his hands and a smartwatch on his wrist, freshman cinema production major Matt Metrovich sat down for an interview Sunday afternoon. He always has a camera like that with him and often breaks the ice by asking people if they would like their picture taken.

“I’m really awkward, and I embrace it,” Metrovich said.

Any awkwardness aside, Metrovich is already the CEO of his own photography and video company, Metro Digital, which rakes in good money for the young entrepreneur and has a large following on Instagram.

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‘I Hate Fairyland’ #1 – new and neat ideas still exist

I Hate Fairyland #1
Written by Skottie Young
Art by Skottie Young
Colors by Jean-Francois Beauieu
Published by Image Comics

Do you ever worry that human beings will eventually use up all of the cool ideas?

It’s a silly fear that haunts the deep recesses of my mind from time to time that is constantly pushed further and further back as independent artists get to work on new properties. The latest example is I Hate Fairyland from Skottie Young over at Image Comics, based around a premise so neat and original that it’s downright annoying it only recently came into existence.

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Trump draws thousands, controversy to Downtown

Point Park students were present at a recent Donald Trump rally downtown to both support and protest the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. The large crowds on both sides eventually led to confrontations and police involvement.

“There is tremendous love in what we’re doing,” Trump said during his rally.

The campaign announced Monday, April 11 that Trump would be giving a speech at this rally in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center at 7:00 p.m. Before the rally, at 5:30 p.m. Fox News’ Sean Hannity hosted a town hall roughly an hour long with Trump at Soldiers and Sailors in Oakland. Trump called the town hall a “big, beautiful show” in his speech.

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Progressivism is on the Rise in Superhero Comics

Not only does Steve Orlando’s Midnighter comic star a gay man, it tells blunt, sex-positive stories about that character. The main cast of characters in the upcoming main Avengers comic All-New, All-Different Avengers has only one white dude.

While there is still a lot of work on the road to a utopia of complete social justice, there is a trend of progressivism in some of today’s superhero comics that is impossible to ignore.

“There’s certainly a long way to go, but [the comics industry] is moving in the right direction,” said Orlando via phone interview on Oct. 23.

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Interview: Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque try something new with “Huck”

Huck, an Image Comics series starting on Nov. 18, is very different in tone compared to much of their past work, but that just means more excitement for writer Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque.

“I like doing different things,” said Millar via Skype interview today. “In the past two, three years I have tried to mix things up.”

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