I wanted to be a writer when I was in middle school. So I did it.

During my 2017 summer internship at the Pittsburgh City Paper, I balanced regular writing duties with work on short-form and long-form stories that appeared in print. I especially enjoyed putting together a profile on John Dick Winters, a comedian in the Pittsburgh area. Watching him perform, hanging out and speaking with him and hunting down additional sources was a rewarding and cool experience.

The following semester, in the fall of 2017, I interned at PublicSource and completed an in-depth investigative story about mental health counseling services on university campuses. Requiring months of work, this extensive piece prompted two follow-ups, one adding information about another, different type of college, and the other following up on breaking news concerning the resignation of one university’s director of counseling. I also appeared live on the WESA radio program “The Confluence” to discuss my reporting.

In addition to these internships, I have served as an editor of multiple sections of Point Park’s school paper, The Globe, and have also written extensively since my first semester. I wrote profiles of students, covered sports and art, covered news and crafted fun features. I even co-created a weekly series in the features section, Pioneer Public, which is still published today, following my role as co-features editor.

As a life-long resident of the Mon Valley area outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it was a joy to freelance writer for The Mon Valley Independent, a local newspaper based in Monesson, Pa. Stories I wrote for this publication included¬†the story of a young girl¬†who wrote an award-winning essay about her uncle’s death.

I’m eager to write more stories. I hope you like what you see on this online portfolio. If you have any questions, comments or offers, please contact me via email or Twitter.

Email: matt456p@gmail.com

Twitter: @mattApetras (my DM’s are open)

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